Lattice Trellis: 6 Ways of Using Them

Lattice is not so expensive and does not require a genius to build it. It comes in various sizes and designs so you can set your imagination free according to the use you will make of it. Lattice & trellis are the perfect way to upgrade your backyard and reinvent your outdoor space. The classical use I thought about at first is for pure decoration but, in reality, there are so many other possibilities to turn element into something nice and practical. Here you are, 6 of them!

1. Privacy Lattice Screens

If you love your neighbours but do not want them to see everything you do in your garden, lattice screens can be an idea to have some extra privacy without creating an ugly barrier. You can set them up where needed and decorate them with plants and flowers for extra covering.  

2. Fencing

Another usage possibility is creating a horizontal fence. Elegant and cheap, it can be a nice way to contain your garden with style. For an idea on how to build one, watch the advice of Mark Powers in How to Build a Wood Lattice Fence. For this use, you can also opt for metal lattice panels.

 3. Concealment

Everyone has something to hide in his garden. You can use lattice screens to build a paddock to cover any bulky ugly object such as your air conditioner engine, compost bin, meter, pool pumps, storages. It will certainly contribute to make your garden prettier.

4. Decorate your Porch

Lattice porch skirting and railing are other common ways to use lattice screens. You can choose different designs, patterns and colours according to your personal taste and objectives.  The result is definitely good for the eyes! If you browse for ideas on Pinterest you’ll be surprised of how many different cool options you can have. I’ve seen trellis made with bike wheels or mirrored trellis which were totally inspiring for my next gardening project!

5. Wedding Arches

Here is a romantic option to use lattice: for a wedding! You have certainly seen before those dreamy white arches decorated with flowers. Whether you decide to place them on a white sand beach, a park or simply your garden, they will absolutely impress your guests.

6. Interior Decor

Lattice panels can also be used for indoor decoration. You can place them in your living room and hang some green, or just chose an alternative and stylish design to give a modern touch to a boring white wall!

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