Apple’s Reign

As more and more iPhones gets sold, Apple makes more and more money without having to bat an eyelash to remain as one of the top guns. Although 2015 was eventful with Apple rollouts, it was peppered with hits and misses among moments where everybody went, “huh?”

Here’s a quick recap of Apple’s eventful :

iPhone sales breaks record

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook announced that Apple reaped in $32.2 billion with 48 million iPhones sold in the last quarter of 2015 that had him declaring Apple’s most successful year ever.

With the company’s revenue growing to almost $234 billion in the fiscal year including 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sold in just two days during a weekend launch, Apple expects revenue between $75.5 billion to $77.5 billion at the end of January after its holiday quarter earnings report.

Having been in the market for eight years, the iPhone continues in strong sales thanks to China’s citizens snapping up the phones in droves as well as citizens in Cambodia registering their iPhones with their local network provider, Smart Axiata.

Something new and something old

The iPhones weren’t the only new products offered by Apple as practically every of its product line-up was given a breath of fresh air in 2015. The world welcomed new MacBooks inclusive of a 12-inch gold model, iMacs, the 12.9-inch Pros, iPad minis, Apple TVs and Apple watches.

The updates were definitely making waves among legions of fans that enjoyed the new iPhones’ 3D Touch feature with a revamped camera; the powerful iPad mini 4 which rivals the iPad Air 2; the new MacBook that represents the most portable laptop; and the Apple TV packed with App Store with Siri integration.

Launching a brand new product category with its Apple Watch, strangely, it only allowed online purchases during its launch that clogged up logistics causing some back-order that ran from weeks to months for some watch models.

Disgruntled buyers couldn’t get it at Apple stores and Apple could only fulfil demands six months after its release by widening the wearable’s accessibility through third-party vendors.

The infamous malware attack

The iOS App Store will forever remember 2015 as the year it was hit with Malware, proving its vulnerability to infection in its presumably well-defended garden – shattering its tough security image – being twice attacked by malware in China. Even though Apple’s software is still considered to be much secured, this year’s invasion proves that its system is not perfect.

Apple’s future

With Apple recruiting groups of car specialists, rumours are swirling that a secret auto project is taking place but no one’s sure if Apple is exploring self-automation or an electric vehicle; just documents pointing out that Apple has been hunting for a private testing facility to assess an automobile of some sort.

Whatever Apple is cropping up next in the automobile industry is sure going to knock our socks off but just don’t expect it anytime soon or in 2016/17.

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