Cyber Cafes: Do People Still Go There?

If you are one of those teenage school kids who used to go to the cyber cafe to play Counter Strike or Dota, youre not alone. Skipping your classes and lectures on purpose just to get a game or two in the internet cafe with our bunch of friends were one of the little things a rebellious Malaysian kid would do. Parents would call you the bad-influence, and that good geeky kids shouldnt mix with bad kids like you because youll eventually make them go to the cyber cafe and neglect their homework.

Such. Good. Memories.

In the 90s, cyber cafes are the popular destination for those who do not own a desktop and internet at home. Back then it was difficult to connect to the internet, the line connects so slow that youd end up smashing your monitor out of frustration. So visiting the cyber cafe would be ideal for work, assignments, email, game play, etc. We didnt have the cheapest mobile broadband which we all subscribe to like we all do now.

However the sight of these cyber cafes are kind of dying down ever since I left high school. Maybe because, these school kids no longer need cyber cafes to feed their gaming needs? Perhaps, they now own ipads or tablets which makes it easier for them to play online app games instead. Besides, only old schoolers will be playing games like Counter Strike or Dota in the cyber cafes, and that would be just to bring back the old nostalgic times.

Unlike the current days, almost every household and family would have their own internet broadband installed at home so its not entirely necessary to head out to the cyber cafes anymore. Not unless youre being invited by friends to play LAN games in the same location. Honestly the best part about cyber cafes is that you could make as much noise as you want whether its throwing around vulgar words at each other or just simply shouting at your friend for missing that shot in Counter Strike. It was a way of socializing with friends. Now kids sit quietly at their table with a device playing games on their own, with zero communication and social life.

I wont deny that going into these sort of dimmed rooms with an army of computer desktops sitting on long tables will bring back those memories.

Do you think cyber cafes will eventually vanish, or, do you think it is still a profitable business?

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