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Top 4 Water Tanks Tank Equipment Installation

Top 4 Water Tanks Tank Equipment Installation

Water tanks are containers that collect rainwater to use for different purposes such as household needs, agriculture, chemical processes, food preparation and fire extinguishing. If you decide to invest in Water Tanks & Tank Equipment, you will save two things: money and water while contributing to a greener environment. What’s important for you to know is that there are many different kinds of tanks available out there, made with various materials. Here is a guide to the top 4 Water Tanks & Tank Equipment Installation.

1. Poly Tank

Poly tanks are among the most used as they’re light, versatile and long-lasting. You can find them in a wide array of colours and shapes according to your preference. Polyethylene tanks are created for strength and can therefore be installed underground so that they don’t take away any space in your backyard. Moreover, they can be modeled and connected to each other to obtain a bigger water storage.

2. Steel Tank

Steel tanks are one of the oldest and cheapest types of tanks. Besides being extremely tensile, they are available in a wide variety of sizes. The only drawback of galvanized water tanks is the limited life span as they could slowly wear out due to their close contact with water. More top list you can see here: https://ranktopten.com/ . For this reason, it is important for you to consider the composition of the water you’ll store to avoid regretting your choice. To get a view of how these steel tanks are being built, check out the video below.

3. Concrete Tank

On the other hand, this option has a higher cost than the previous ones as it require more excavation; but it is the most durable with a little risk of flooding, rusting or corroding. They can be built underground either directly on site or ordered precast concrete and installed later. When they’re built on site they allow maximum customization.  

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass tanks can also be placed both above the ground and below to keep them out of sight. Usually, they resist corrosion and last long. However, they are more expensive when compared to poly water tanks and hold a bigger risk for cracks.

Check out the video below, for an example of someones rainwater harvesting system.

Cyber Cafes: Do People Still Go There?

If you are one of those teenage school kids who used to go to the cyber cafe to play Counter Strike or Dota, youre not alone. Skipping your classes and lectures on purpose just to get a game or two in the internet cafe with our bunch of friends were one of the little things a rebellious Malaysian kid would do. Parents would call you the bad-influence, and that good geeky kids shouldnt mix with bad kids like you because youll eventually make them go to the cyber cafe and neglect their homework.

Such. Good. Memories.

In the 90s, cyber cafes are the popular destination for those who do not own a desktop and internet at home. Back then it was difficult to connect to the internet, the line connects so slow that youd end up smashing your monitor out of frustration. So visiting the cyber cafe would be ideal for work, assignments, email, game play, etc. We didnt have the cheapest mobile broadband which we all subscribe to like we all do now.

However the sight of these cyber cafes are kind of dying down ever since I left high school. Maybe because, these school kids no longer need cyber cafes to feed their gaming needs? Perhaps, they now own ipads or tablets which makes it easier for them to play online app games instead. Besides, only old schoolers will be playing games like Counter Strike or Dota in the cyber cafes, and that would be just to bring back the old nostalgic times.

Unlike the current days, almost every household and family would have their own internet broadband installed at home so its not entirely necessary to head out to the cyber cafes anymore. Not unless youre being invited by friends to play LAN games in the same location. Honestly the best part about cyber cafes is that you could make as much noise as you want whether its throwing around vulgar words at each other or just simply shouting at your friend for missing that shot in Counter Strike. It was a way of socializing with friends. Now kids sit quietly at their table with a device playing games on their own, with zero communication and social life.

I wont deny that going into these sort of dimmed rooms with an army of computer desktops sitting on long tables will bring back those memories.

Do you think cyber cafes will eventually vanish, or, do you think it is still a profitable business?

Apple’s Reign

As more and more iPhones gets sold, Apple makes more and more money without having to bat an eyelash to remain as one of the top guns. Although 2015 was eventful with Apple rollouts, it was peppered with hits and misses among moments where everybody went, “huh?”

Here’s a quick recap of Apple’s eventful :

iPhone sales breaks record

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook announced that Apple reaped in $32.2 billion with 48 million iPhones sold in the last quarter of 2015 that had him declaring Apple’s most successful year ever.

With the company’s revenue growing to almost $234 billion in the fiscal year including 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sold in just two days during a weekend launch, Apple expects revenue between $75.5 billion to $77.5 billion at the end of January after its holiday quarter earnings report.

Having been in the market for eight years, the iPhone continues in strong sales thanks to China’s citizens snapping up the phones in droves as well as citizens in Cambodia registering their iPhones with their local network provider, Smart Axiata.

Something new and something old

The iPhones weren’t the only new products offered by Apple as practically every of its product line-up was given a breath of fresh air in 2015. The world welcomed new MacBooks inclusive of a 12-inch gold model, iMacs, the 12.9-inch Pros, iPad minis, Apple TVs and Apple watches.

The updates were definitely making waves among legions of fans that enjoyed the new iPhones’ 3D Touch feature with a revamped camera; the powerful iPad mini 4 which rivals the iPad Air 2; the new MacBook that represents the most portable laptop; and the Apple TV packed with App Store with Siri integration.

Launching a brand new product category with its Apple Watch, strangely, it only allowed online purchases during its launch that clogged up logistics causing some back-order that ran from weeks to months for some watch models.

Disgruntled buyers couldn’t get it at Apple stores and Apple could only fulfil demands six months after its release by widening the wearable’s accessibility through third-party vendors.

The infamous malware attack

The iOS App Store will forever remember 2015 as the year it was hit with Malware, proving its vulnerability to infection in its presumably well-defended garden – shattering its tough security image – being twice attacked by malware in China. Even though Apple’s software is still considered to be much secured, this year’s invasion proves that its system is not perfect.

Apple’s future

With Apple recruiting groups of car specialists, rumours are swirling that a secret auto project is taking place but no one’s sure if Apple is exploring self-automation or an electric vehicle; just documents pointing out that Apple has been hunting for a private testing facility to assess an automobile of some sort.

Whatever Apple is cropping up next in the automobile industry is sure going to knock our socks off but just don’t expect it anytime soon or in 2016/17.

Lattice Trellis: 6 Ways of Using Them

Lattice is not so expensive and does not require a genius to build it. It comes in various sizes and designs so you can set your imagination free according to the use you will make of it. Lattice & trellis are the perfect way to upgrade your backyard and reinvent your outdoor space. The classical use I thought about at first is for pure decoration but, in reality, there are so many other possibilities to turn element into something nice and practical. Here you are, 6 of them!

1. Privacy Lattice Screens

If you love your neighbours but do not want them to see everything you do in your garden, lattice screens can be an idea to have some extra privacy without creating an ugly barrier. You can set them up where needed and decorate them with plants and flowers for extra covering.  

2. Fencing

Another usage possibility is creating a horizontal fence. Elegant and cheap, it can be a nice way to contain your garden with style. For an idea on how to build one, watch the advice of Mark Powers in How to Build a Wood Lattice Fence. For this use, you can also opt for metal lattice panels.

 3. Concealment

Everyone has something to hide in his garden. You can use lattice screens to build a paddock to cover any bulky ugly object such as your air conditioner engine, compost bin, meter, pool pumps, storages. It will certainly contribute to make your garden prettier.

4. Decorate your Porch

Lattice porch skirting and railing are other common ways to use lattice screens. You can choose different designs, patterns and colours according to your personal taste and objectives.  The result is definitely good for the eyes! If you browse for ideas on Pinterest you’ll be surprised of how many different cool options you can have. I’ve seen trellis made with bike wheels or mirrored trellis which were totally inspiring for my next gardening project!

5. Wedding Arches

Here is a romantic option to use lattice: for a wedding! You have certainly seen before those dreamy white arches decorated with flowers. Whether you decide to place them on a white sand beach, a park or simply your garden, they will absolutely impress your guests.

6. Interior Decor

Lattice panels can also be used for indoor decoration. You can place them in your living room and hang some green, or just chose an alternative and stylish design to give a modern touch to a boring white wall!

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